Salesforce Support

Rowalim is engaged in Technical Support for Salesforce to supply technical assistance and support to your Enterprise IT force. We tend to proactively resolve client issues and problems having a solid technical ability that is aware of in operation systems and might facilitate computer IT experts resolve backup, storage and recovery issues in a timely manner over the phone or email.

The Technical Support team of Rowalim provides technical support to our customers; acknowledge complex queries on function and usage of product via the telephone and/or web. Our team is a primary support liaison between company and client providing the most effective technical support. Our Technical Support Specialists have glorious communication skills, and look to support peers throughout the organization. All of them have an Associate in nursing enthusiasm to be told and combat new challenges whereas continually wondering however they may improve the client experience.

As a Technical Support Specialist we tend to pro-actively assist the Team in driving key initiatives and making certain the long-term success of our customers and also the company. Rowalim's team have deep rooted expertise in Salesforce that is a result of our years of experience as well as delivering quality projects on Salesforce. Order your free Consultation on Salesforce.

Our Salesforce Support team function areas include:

  • Provide technical assistance and support to our Enterprise IT customers. 
  • Making certain all incidents received by the Support Center square measure tracked, escalated, and resolved in line with internal support procedures. 
  • Fixing all client queries and problems within the areas of system configurations/setup, product practicality and bugs/enhancements 
  • Accountable for distinctive and documenting product defects for review and validation 
  • Keep client wise to of however and once issues square measure resolved 
  • Maintain a high level of client comfort and satisfaction that is measured on a daily basis.
  • Develop and share information concerning the software system 
  • Write knowledge base articles and white papers to address common client queries and problems 
  • Could perform different job duties as directed by supervisor

About Rowalim Salesforce Support team:

  • Over 6 years technical support/troubleshooting expertise among the PC business.
  • Over 6 years of Phone Support expertise
  • Certified in computer, Network, and software system.
  • Glorious time management, deciding, prioritization and organization ability.
  • Operating information of networking protocols (TCP/IP), networking infrastructure, FTP and different technologies.
  • Sensible understanding of PC imaging and OS Migration technologies; Windows PE 
  • Operating information of all Microsoft Windows in operating systems and server platforms.
  • Tested technical ability, tested the client service ability
  • Sturdy deductive logic, deciding & analytical skills 
  • High level of personal initiative and professionalism