About Us


We have our focus on Cloud Jobs especially Salesforce. We are a professionally managed placements consultancy that understands the intricacies of human resource management. Rowalim is engaged in the business of specialized manpower selection and providing them to our clients.

Our mode of work is:

  • To clearly understand the requirements of the opening by talking to Stake Holders, HR, Hiring Managers
  • Shortlist the candidate based on merit of the opening: Since we are well versed with the Salesforce.com product, it gives us the added advantage of identifying the candidate which is the most desirable for the opening
  • We would short list the candidates which closely resemble the desired profile for the opening
  • Having been active in the Cloud Jobs community for the past 15 years and having Pan India exposure, gives us the advantage of access to networked resources working on Cloud.

Our Mission: Our Motto

With you, we create and deliver best Quality Service for both employer and jobseekers that fit your needs and drive the results you want.
Based on our value, we looking forward to our clear objective " Right people to right place" , Rowalim working everyday to make this mission.